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Friday, February 20, 2009

Postseason prediction

Thought I would try to predict how the conference race will play out in the final week and half. Here is what I see happening, but the Summit League has proved to be unpredictable so far this season.

1. Oral Roberts (wins out) 15-3
North Dakota State (wins 1 of 2) 15-3
3. Oakland (wins out) 13-5
4. IUPUI (splits two) 9-9
5. IPFW (wins 2 of 3) 8-10
Southern Utah (wins 1 of 3) 8-10
7. Western Illinois (splits) 7-11
8. SDSU (loses out) 6-12
9. Centenary (wins 1 of 3) 6-12
10. UMKC (loses 3) 3-15

The tiebreakers are too difficult to predict at this time. In this scenario the tiebreaker between Oral Roberts and NDSU will be based on where IPFW and SUU finish, which in this scenario finish tied. The tiebreaker between IPFW and SUU would be based on where ORU and NDSU finish, which is based on where they finish. Confused yet, I know I am. SDSU wins the tiebreaker with Centenary based on its split with IPFW this season.

Anybody have any better predictions?

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Blogger Rhett said...

Ties in the Summit are broken top to bottom. The SUU-IPFW tie is treated as one entity; ORU and NDSU would each be 3-1 vs. them as a whole. From top to bottom, ORU and NDSU still remain tied. It then resorts to RPI, where NDSU has a clear advantage. NDSU would therefore get the #1 tournament Seed and the NIT guarantee, ORU would be the #2 Seed. As for breaking the SUU-IPFW tie, the Thunderbirds would get the nod due to their win over the just-determined #1 team NDSU, IPFW would fall to the next rung on the ladder.

February 22, 2009 at 7:43 AM 

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